DELUXE DETECTOR KIT MoreLEDS LEDS AND ELECTRONIC KITS FOR MODEL RAILROADERS Q - U - E - S - T - I - O - N - S ? call 503-801-8408 OR SEND US YOUR QUESTION THRU EBAYS MESSAGING SYSTEM WHY BUY FROM US? 1. Ultra Fast Shipping from the USA 2. Free Wiring Diagrams and Free Current Limiting Resistors included with all our led auctions 3. We are Model Railroaders ourselves, so we have used these products on our own layouts 4. Free and Friendly technical or use ebays messaging system with your questions or problems and we will do our best to help 5. Over 10 years of Ebay Experience with 100% Satisfaction Rating and Top Seller Status PLEASE READ THIS AUCTION PAGE COMPLETELY BEFORE BIDDING. IT CONTAINS VALUABLE INFORMATION ON HOW TO RECEIVE YOUR WINNING ITEMS THE QUICKEST WAY POSSIBLE,

AS WELL AS OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND CONTACT INFORMATION Please read our Disclaimer and Warranty before bidding. By placing a bid on this item, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in our disclaimer and warranty just the same as if you had read & signed the disclaimer and warranty, and returned the original to us. Winning Bidders: For the fastest possible service, use Paypal to pay for your winnings. Payment options: We use Paypal Exclusively Shipping Options: WE SHIP EXCLUSIVELY THROUGH THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVIC Terms and Conditions of Sale: Per Ebay Policy: We expect your payment within 4 days If you don't pay for an item within 4 days of winning it or using Buy It Now, an unpaid item case will be opened automatically by Ebay. Remember that you commit to pay when you buy or bid successfully on an item. You will also be blocked from bidding on any of our future auctions. As a buyer, you have 4 days to send payment after the case is opened. If you don't pay or you're unable to reach an agreement with the seller within 4 days, the case may be closed and eBay may record an unpaid item on your account Repeated unpaid items can result in your account being restricted or suspended. Please remember, this is a contractual agreement. Thanks Please note: We do not have a retail store front that is open to the public. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, OR A CONCERN,OR A PROBLEM PLEASE CALL MARK 503-801-8408 or use EBAYS MESSAGING SYSTEM...Thanks PLEASE NOTE: the entire contents of our web sites, and Ebay auctions, including all pictures, text, format, layout, and descriptions are © Copyright 1995 Quickar Electronics, Inc., unless otherwise noted. All rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication, dissemination or display is strictly prohibited by Ebay Policy and US and International Copyright Laws. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. YOU ARE BIDDING ON A BRAND NEW DELUXE 4 POINT MODEL TRAIN DETECTOR KIT PERFECT FOR POWERING YOUR CROSSING FLASHER KIT CROSSING FLASHER KIT NOT INCLUDED uses the ambient light on your layout to detect the presence of a train when it moves over either of the 2 detection points SMALL SIZE - HIDES EASILY ALMOST ANYWHERE VERY
SIMPLE KIT TO ASSEMBLE EVEN FOR SOMEONE COMPLETELY NEW TO ELECTRONIC KITS SUITABLE FOR ALL SCALES FROM Z TO G REQUIRES NO MODIFICATION TO YOUR CARS - ONLY 2 SMALL HOLES BETWEEN THE RAILS NEEDED FOR THE DETECTORS LOW POWER CONSUMPTION USES ONLY 12 VOLTS AT 18 MILLIAMPS MAX TO MAKE THIS KIT VERY EASY TO BUILD AND HOOK UP, WE HAVE MADE UP OUR OWN VERY COMPLETE SET OF ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE ONLINE ONLY DUE TO THE COMPLETENESS OF THE INSTRUCTIONS WE DON'T INCLUDE A PRINTED SET OF INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE KIT you will need to provide a soldering iron, some solder, wires to run to the phototransistors, wires to your power supply, some electrical tape or heat shrink tubing to insulate the wires from shorting together, and a drill to drill holes to insert the phototransistors up between the ties CLICK HERE TO SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BIDDING LOTS OF USES USE THE KIT AT GRADE CROSSINGS TO TURN ON CROSSING FLASHER KITS LIKE THE ONE WE SELL HERE ON EBAY USE THE KIT TO SHOW THE POSITION OF YOU TRAINS IN HIDDEN STAGING AREAS USE THE KIT TO TURN ON AND OFF SPECIAL EFFECTS WHEN YOUR TRAIN REACHES A CERTAIN POINT, LIKE LOWERING A WATER SPOUT WHEN YOUR STEAM ENGINE REACHES THE WATER TOWER .... ETC...ETC...ETC...THE USES ARE ENDLESS The kit even includes a red led/resistor combination you can use for testing and calibration or mounting on your control panel to display detection status Customer Satisfaction and our E-bay Feedback Rating is very important to us. If you feel we have somehow not lived up to your expectations, Please let us know before leaving us anything other than positive feedback .................. Thanks

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